‘Poms’ Movie Premiere

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, so no better time to go with mom to see Poms. The film stars an all-star cast of women lead by Diane Keaton and Jacki Weaver. Reel Talker was on hand for the premiere of the movie in Los Angeles. Check out the interviews from the red carpet in the video below.


This red carpet premiere was a party! Live DJ on hand spinning tracks that wanna make you break out and dance. It was a very lively atmosphere. The stars of the film showed up and I had a chance to speak to many of them.

I enjoyed hearing all the stories the stories from the set, especially the ones about the experience they had learning some of the dance moves. This is no easy feat for anyone, but once you see this movie you’ll know that these ladies bring it. I

If you need any workout inspiration, look no further than Ginny MacColl. Ginny is in incredible shape, I had to ask her about her workout and conditioning. She offered some great advice, especially advice that’s relevant to someone over 50.

The energy the cast had on the red carpet is evident in the movie. This movie was fun and entertaining, to my surprise, it was enjoyable for someone in my demographic also. There are plenty of laughs and slapstick moments, but ultimately the movie is about friendship and living life to the fullest. I highly recommend Poms to anyone, but especially all you mom’s out there.

POMShits theaters everywhere on May 10

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