Interview: Actor Ben Milliken (Amazon Prime’s ‘Bosch’)

Add Ben Milliken to the list of successful working actor Aussie’s that have come over to make an impact in Hollywood. Ben is best known for his role as “Tim” in Blue Crush 2. On April 19, Ben will make his debut in season 5 of Amazon Prime’s Bosch, playing the role of “Carter”. I spoke to Ben about his career, role in Bosch, being a working actor and much more. Check out the interview with Ben, below.


I had a lot of fun talking to Ben. He’s a very cool and laid back guy. He has an interesting background, having been a boxer since being a kid. Ben shared his story inside the industry and outside of if. I learned a lot about him.

So he managed to leave a nice bit of information on his role in Bosch. His character will be sticking around this season. Apparently he’s also a villain, which should be fun. Ben also spoke about his role in the upcoming Netflix movie Sonora, releasing this summer. I don’t envy him having to deal with the desert, as he spoke about.

For all you actors out there, listen to what Ben had to say. I felt he shared some valuable information about being a working actor and making a career of it. He shared his personal method of what works for him and what he said certainly makes sense.

The best part for me was when I learned that he and his wife run the The Palm Coffee Bar in Burbank, California. I drive past it on a regular basis and had considered stopping by or going on a coffee date there. Now, I’ll most certainly check it out. Looks like a cute spot.

Ben seemed like a grounded and motivated individual. I found him to be interesting and have interesting isights. I certainly feel we will be hearing a lot more about Ben in the coming years. Keep an eye out for him in film and TV.

If you’d like to connect with Ben and follow him, check out this link to his Instagram

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