Under-The-Radar Recent Movie Releases

With so many movies coming out on a weekly basis, it’s hard to keep up with most of them, much less watch them all. No worries. I’m here to give you some recommendations on some under-the-radar releases you may have missed, that are worth checking out.


Up-and coming director Meredith Danluck delivers a suspenseful and intriguing murder mystery thriller in State Like Sleep. Featuring a stellar cast lead by Katherine Waterston as a woman in search of the answers to her husband’s untimely death.

This movie moves at slower pace, but there is enough intrigue to keep you locked in. The supporting cast is fantastic, featuring Michael Shannon, Luke Evans and Michiel Huisman. If you’re into murder thrillers, this is one to check out and see.

STATE LIKE SLEEP hits Theaters on January 4, 2019. On Digital and On Demand on January 1, 2019

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