Interview: ‘After Every Thing’ Filmmakers Hannah Marks & Joey Power

After Every Thing takes a sad subject matter and adds some hope and love to it. Credit to writer/director team of Hannah Marks and Joey Power for putting together a unique film that hits on a variety of emotions. I had a chance to speak to Hannah and Joey about the film. Check out the interview below and the insights they share on the movie.


Hannah and Joey seemed very in sync (not the boy band) together. There is no doubt their vision and perception of the film is on par. I was mildly surprised they asked me about my opinion on the ending of the film. It’s cool to have the filmmakers want to hear the viewers perspective, so I appreciated them asking. Of course I had to revert it back to them after.

I’m a fan of romance, but this movie offers an additional layers and heightens the stakes for the characters. It’s a story of love and discovering of self. This film has an authenticity to it that’s outlined with joy and humor.

AFTER EVERY THING is out now in Theaters and On Demand

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