Video Interview: ‘The Happytime Murders’ Screenwriter Todd Berger

The hilarious muppets meets Melissa McCarthy comedy The Happytime Murders is out now in theaters. I had a chance to speak to the writer of the film Todd Berger (Dee Austin Robertson co-wrote). I had a chance to speak to Todd on my podcast and he delves into the initial concept of the film, the journey to getting it made, Melissa McCarthy’s impact on it and a lot more. Todd shares some cool behind-the-scenes stuff about the making of the film. Check out the video portion of the podcast. You can also listen to the Reel Talker Podcast on iTunes.


I had a blast talking to Todd. He’s just a really down-to-earth creative guy. I definitely sensed the passion he had for this project and the ups-and-downs he experienced over the years with it. I found out a ton about this movie, that I otherwise wouldn’t have found out online, just from Todd sharing his story.

I loved how he got into the fantasy sports that he plays, not to mention when he talks about being part of a fantasy football commercial and making that newspaper headline article. Is it me or does Todd sound a lot like Ryan Reynolds? In the way he speaks and his voice?

It’s always a pleasure to talk to someone who has a lot to say and is passionate about their craft. You can’t deny his passion for this project. I sure hope this film opens the door to this world of uncensored adult centered muppet movies. This is a genre that hasn’t been explored much to the extent of the possibilities it has.

I recommend you checking out this film. It’s a lot of fun with some great gags, but what really impressed me was the compelling detective storyline that it had. It genuinely had me guessing. In a summer and year, for that matter, of remakes and sequels, it’s refreshing to see an original concept on the big screen. A movie that takes chances and owns it. Go out and support creative and bold filmmaking.

THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS is out now in theaters nationwide 

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