Interview: Filmmaker Cat Rhinehart

Cat Rhinehart had a dream and fantasy to marry her best friend, but it didn’t happen, so she turned that vision into a movie called Brand New Old Love. A film about the imperfections of marriage and that marrying your bestie isn’t always meant to be. I spoke to Cat about the film and how much reality was incorporated into the movie, plus much more.


I had so much fun speaking with Cat. It felt as if we knew another for years. I admire her candid nature and honesty. Cat really opened up about her fears in regards to being a first time director and not being taken seriously. This must be true in many cases, but you never hear about it, so fro her to be this forthcoming about it says a lot about her character.

It’s hard not to be engaged speaking to Cat, she was so much fun and vulnerable and open. As a huge romance aficionado myself, I completely agreed with Cat’s point of wanting to see romantic themed movies without a storybook ending. Why don’t we get the struggle after the honeymoon? Now that would be unique.

It just seemed natural that I would ask her about her current romantic status in her life. Ironically she just had her honeymoon. Once again really appreciated her being candid about the ups and downs with her husband. So he doesn’t take out the trash apparently, I know plenty of men that fall into that category, but it’s great how they see past each others flaws and embrace another from what it sounded like.

I sure hope Cat puts out that realistic romantic love story about the imperfections of relationships and marriage. She was a blast to chat with and I hope to speak to her again.

Check out the movie, it’s enjoyable and has plenty of real and funny moments. Maybe you’ll think twice about entering a marriage pact with your bestie.

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Twitter: @BrandNewOldLove
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BRAND NEW OLD LOVE is out now on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video and VOD


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