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All I can wish for as a movie critic and giant fan of romance is for movies like this to be made. One of my favorite romantic comedies of 2018. Sharon Stone plays this modern woman whose going through life with no particular commitments. She’s dating around, dreaming of a better career, not looking to settle. This is atypical for a movie character because Stone plays a woman her own age. Her outlook and perception on life is altered when she meets a man, played by Tony Goldwyn. The ups-and-downs they both endure is fitting and realistic.

What writer/director Susan Walter accomplishes beautifully is give these characters an identity and the actors in turn give them life. It’s a relatable story with characters that you usually wouldn’t see in a film in this genre. What I mean by that is that stories like this are usually crafted with the idea that someone 20 years younger would be playing these roles. I loved the fact that you have a loves story about two people past their “prime” who endure the same dating hassles and troubles that everyone younger than them faces.

Terrific performance from Stone and the surrounding cast is well rounded. Looking back, hard to believe that I didn’t take a liking to the movie the first time I saw it. I remained patient with it and it blossomed for me. I expect this movie to blossom for many people and leave you with a new perspective on dating and life in general. It’s a film you can pluck a thing or two to your own life.

ALL I WISH is out now on DVD and Digital HD 

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