Interview: Writer-Director Shawn Christensen

The Vanishing of Sidney Hall is set to release in theaters on March 2. In anticipation of the theatrical release, I had a chance to speak to the writer and director of the film Shawn Christensen. In the interview Shawn speaks about his original vision for the film and the acting approach Logan Lerman took to the film. Check out my interview with Shawn and listen to the audio of it below.


I apologize for the audio issue the static noise on Shawn’s end. Must have been something with the line connection. He revealed some interesting tidbits during production, such as Logan Lerman being so set and faithful the the scrip, while Nathan Lane didn’t hesitate and went off from the script. Two very skilled actors with two different takes. Shawn also revealed that he wrote the film with no intention of it being directed.

Another great reveal was that Shawn wanted to be an actor and wrote characters he could play. One of my favorite questions to ask is the one about the passions and interests outside of filmmaking. Shawn’s answer was music. He enjoys creating music in his spare time. I found that to be neat, for a guy that is a jack-of-all trades in the entertainment industry, add music to the list of his talents.

A soft-spoken and very interesting person to talk to. I enjoyed speaking to Shawn and really curious to see his projects going forward.

THE VANISHING OF SIDNEY HALL is out in theaters March 2, 2018 and available now on DIRECTV

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