Interview: Actor Richard Short Talks ‘Crazy Famous’

Actor Richard Short is certainly not crazy, but he was bold enough to take a role in Crazy Famous. In the movie a group of misfit escape a mental hospital in hopes of finding Osama Bin Ladin (presumed dead for over a decade) in hopes of becoming famous. Well, if they can discover Bin Ladin alive I can guarantee these guys would be famous. So no one found Bin Ladin, but Richard and his castmates found a lot of laughter on the set of Crazy Famous.

Short said that the movie is a bit of a throwback in the mold of comedies from the 80’s where humor comes from the characters reactions and interactions.

In the movie Short plays Smith, one of the main braintrust behind the escape from the mental hospital facility in search for Bin Ladin. The concept itself is easy to make you chuckle and the cast was no different.

“We had so much fun. The funniest things happened when we weren’t filming. We laughed more off-screen than on-screen,” Short said.

(Gravitas Ventures)

This is the kind of fun that’s evident when you watch the movie. It’s silly, but it carries a message that’s more than meets the eye.

“Of course the movie comments on fame and our obsession as a society over it.”

When it comes to Short’s individual fame and accomplishments, he credits perseverance as a key factor in his fortunes of being a successful working actor.

“It’s about doing the work honestly and keeping at it. That’s the main thing that’s kept me moving along in the industry.”

This is the kind of advice that can not only be applied to actors, but to anyone in life and their individual path or industry.

Short says that he had the best memories and laughs from working with these actors, director and crew. If you see the movie, it won’t be hard to tell why.

Crazy Famous is out now on VOD, Digital HD and DVD from Gravitas Ventures

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