‘My Dad’s Christmas Date’ Trailer Reaction

It’s getting closer to that time of the year where the holiday spirit takes over and we get some enjoyable Christmas movies. What do you get when you mix in Christmas, a single father and dating? My Dad’s Christmas Date is the movie you get under the tree (figuratively, not literally, I’d hope).

Jeremy Piven stars as a single widowed father of a teenage girl who decides it’s time for dad to meet someone special so she takes reigns into her hands and becomes a matchmaker. The rest you can see in this trailer.


I thought the trailer was fun and the movie looks very enjoyable. Simple premise that’s also appealing. Combine dating, romance and Christmas and you have perfect formula for a holiday movie.

So the daughter is English and the movie appears to take place in the UK, yet Piven has an American accent? Must mean that he’s an American living overseas. I hope that’s the case or else that might be a noticeable issue.

This definitely looks to be on the comedic side. Some of the gags in the trailer made me chuckle out loud. I don’t remember seeing Piven in a role of this kind, playing a father in a romantic comedy. If he did, it’s still hard to picture him since you immediately think Ari Gold from Entourage. I like this change for him.

I’m a sucker for romantic comedies and especially Christmas themed ones. Sign me up. This looks to be a good holiday movie to look forward to when it releases in early November.

MY DAD’S CHRISTMAS DATE’ arrives in Theaters and On Demand on November 6, 2020

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