‘The Empty Man’ Trailer: Don’t Blow Into The Bottle

The Empty Man is coming. That is if you’re on a bridge and blow into a bottle. The supernatural thriller that’s based on a series of graphic novels. The story centers on a group of Midwestern teens that begin to disappear that has the town invoking the urban legend of The Empty Man.

The trailer just dropped, so take a look for yourself.


The trailer looks interesting. The movie arrives in theaters on October 23, so that’s just one week away! This film has elements of previous horror thrillers that remind me of The Candyman and The Slender Man, guess The Empty Man slots right alongside them in namesake and genre.

I like the freaky skeleton that’s shown in the trailer on multiple occasions. Seems like there is presence of a cult that The Empty Man has following it/him? The last scene of the trailer looked intriguing. Seems like the cop doing the investigating, played by James Badge Dale is the main character in the film. The trailer doesn’t give too much of the story away, but enough to give you idea of what is going on. Got me looking forward to the release, right in time for Halloween.

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“THE EMPTY MAN” opens in U.S. theaters on October 23, 2020

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