Conversation with Director Derrick Borte: He Talks Russell Crowe’s Performance and Issues Filming ‘Unhinged’

Unhinged is hitting theaters and will be one of the first new releases as movie theaters open up slowly around the country. The action thriller stars Russell Crowe in what already is being a highly talked about performance. I spoke to the director of the film Derrick Borte about that performance and what challenges he faced filming the movie. Plus, being one of the first theatrical releases since theaters closed in March.


It was really cool to get to talk to Derrick. The interview came about so spontaneously, as I randomly reached out to him on social media and he actually responded to this weirdo (me) messaging him..haha.

Derrick and I jumped on Zoom to chat about the film, which is gathering a lot of buzz and anticipation. He spoke about Russell’s performance and him taking on the role.

I certainly learned from Derrick that they faced major obstacles during filming in New Orleans. Hurricane season is no joke, I’d imagine it be a mess with filming a movie.

So the film was pretty much always going to be released in theaters and that’s what Derrick was lead to believe by the production company Solstice Studios.

So of the hundreds of interviews Derrick has done, nobody actually asked him about himself and his interests? Come on people. This is why I always ask this question. Have to learn about the person you’re talking to. They aren’t movie making robots, they are people with unique interests. I applaud Derrick for being a family man.

‘UNHINGED’ releases in Theaters on August 21

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