TV Review: Home Before Dark (Pilot)

As a kid, there was a phrase my mom always uttered that would make me groan, it was when she said be “home before dark”. A curfew imposed as soon as the sun went down. In Apple TV+ new show, Home Before Dark, that phrase has a similar meaning, but it yields a different response for our heroine.

Does Apple TV’s mystery crime drama deliver on the suspense and entertainment? Keep reading to find out.


Based on a real father-daughter reporter duo of Matt and Hilde Lisko. The first episode introduces us to the Lisko family as they leave their city life behind and move to Matt’s small lakeside childhood hometown. Hilde (Brooklynn Prince) is not your typical kid. She’s fascinated with solving cases, has a rebelliously ambitious spirit and has an obsession with becoming an investigative reporter as her dad was.

Upon arrival in her new hometown Hilde takes notice and makes an immediate mark on the community. She begins to uncover a long standing secret the town has been holding onto. Will her curious nature uncover the mystery that’s been hidden for decades, or will it all fall apart? That’s the question the first episode sets up the season with.


On the surface the show might appear to be comparable with the likes of a Nancy Drew. A young curious girl that’s all about uncovering mysteries, but don’t be mislead, this is a far different show. It’s a show about a father-daughter relationship. I took away that Hilde wants to make her dad proud and be just like him. It’s even highlighted in a scene where Matt loses his cool with her, but she runs to comfort him. It’s a sweet and powerful scene that underlines their connection.

It’s not a kid show, even though a kid is at the center of the plot. It’s got some adult elements to it for sure. I would feel this would be a good show for parents and their kids to watch together and equally enjoy it.

The pilot episode doesn’t introduce you to any villains or culprits, so I imagine that aspect will be stretched out through the 10 episode season. I did feel enough clues were provided to know what direction it is headed.


I was not aware of Brooklynn Prince prior to seeing her in the show, but she’s an impressive young actor. She has a lot of spunk and zest to her personality that translates well in the role of Hilde. She just appears very smart and mature for her age. I thought her casting worked well.

I always found Sturgess to be an underrated actor, but didn’t quite know what to expect from him in this role. Once again to my surprise, he fits the role of the dad very well. The show success hinges on a connection between Sturgess and Prince to appear like a real believable father and daughter, which they actually do.


I was pretty impressed with the show. Initially didn’t think it might be my cup of tea, but it was enjoyable and surprisingly suspenseful. Sturgess aside, there aren’t many recognizable names, so if you’re looking for star power you won’t get it here. However, stars aside, the actors in the show are talented.

Apple TV is creating some compelling original programming and Home Before Dark is one of them. If you’re into mysteries and a show that you can watch with the family, this is a good choice for you. This isn’t one of those scary sort of mysteries, so it’s definitely on the lighter side. Overall, it’s a solid show all-around. At least if you need to be home before dark you’ll have something to watch. 😉

  • Acting: 7.5/10
  • Entertainment: 7/10
  • Story/Plot: 7/10
  • Impression: 7.5/10
  • Creativity6.5/10


Season 1 of “HOME BEFORE DARK” is available to stream now on Apple TV+

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