How Coronavirus Might Change the Entertainment Industry and Life in the Industry Afterwards

The coronavirus aka COVID-19 has changes the lives of everyone on this planet. We are stuck inside our homes and debating many serious life questions. Will we have jobs available to us after COVID-19? Bills aren’t stopping and payments need to be made. When can we gather with our families again? So many serious life questions that remain to be answered.

I work in the entertainment industry and it has been heavily impacted, as about every other industry and company has. Flobo Boyce is a friend of mine, he is a comedian, DJ and host. Together we host the RAW and NXT Aftershows on AfterBuzz TV.

We decided to have a conversation about the impact of COVID-19 on our lives and our work in the entertainment industry. The current situation and uncertainty that faces us. We also took a look at the entertainment industry and how it might change. What will happen to the movie industry? Movie theaters? Slated movie releases? Take a listen to our podcast as we share our thoughts on all that’s affecting us.

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