Video Interview: Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold has had a long and successful career in Hollywood. He’s done films, television, comedy, sports talk and been outspoken in his political views. The man has done it all it seems. His latest film Dead Ant recently held its premiere. I had a chance to attend and speak to Arnold about the film. He spoke about Dead Ant and his recent separation from his wife among other things. Check out the full interview below:


This was interesting so say the least. It was my first time talking to Tom and it was a memorable one. One thing I can say about him is that he’s exactly as you’d imagine him to be and how he presents himself on TV. He’s completely authentic and outspoken. A quality that’s admirable in Hollywood.

So I didn’t fully understand all the points he was trying to make, especially about the film’s plot and ant story being real, but it was entertaining at least. I was entertained hearing him compare Dead Ant to Sharknado (I sparked that debate). Doesn’t look like he’s a fan of Sharknado, haha.

It was nice to hear his admiration for his children and sharing some stories. I really got the sense that Tom’s a family guy that has a lot of love for his kids.

News of his split from his wife Ashley Groussman was announced prior to the premiere, so I asked him about it. Usually something like this is a touchy personal subject, but I felt okay asking it due to the vibe I was getting from him. I really appreciated him being forthcoming and honest about the situation. It can’t be easy to discuss, but I give him lots of credit for answering and elaborating on the matter.

Overall, Tom was fun and very energetic. He was who I thought he might be, which is good to know. It’s cool to see someone keep it real and he definitely did.

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