Must See Movie Releases Of The Week


Bilal is certainly a new breed of hero in various ways. The story of Bilal is one of honor, courage and inspiration amid a world of violence and injustice. This is a man who was succumbed to slavery and having everything taken away from him in his life. This film is inspired on true events of someone who persevered to overcome all obstacles to become a legendary warrior that fought to defend those who didn’t have a voice. This isn’t your sterotypical superhero story, there is a lot of authenticity in the character and the film.

Usually films of this nature would be live action, but surprisingly this is a fully animated film. While the authenticity is one of the more notable elements of the movie, it’s a bit of a hinderance also. I wouldn’t be really recommending it to children, more of a teenagers and adult themed movie due to the violent depictions. It depicts slaves are punished and beaten. I wasn’t crazy about the animation. In some instances it looks very good, others it looks like a PS3 video game animation. It definitely doesn’t rival that of any Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks animation, but it’s not bad. Overall, there is enough substance to get out of this film that warrants a serious look.

Bilal: A New Breed of Hero is out now in theaters (Chicago)

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