Must See Movies of the Week (Sept 26)

September is coming to a close and the last week of the month offers some nice choices when it comes to Blu-ray/DVD, VOD and limited theatrical releases. September offered some great TV and movie releases such as Wonder Woman and The Big Sick. The week of September 26 closes with the following must see choices:


The fifth installment of the Michael Bay Transformers franchise may be the most action-packed one. It’s the ultimate battle, humans vs Transformers, with no Optimus Prime to keep the peace. I enjoyed the new spin and plot of the movie. The locations are the best you’ve seen to date. Some new gadgets are weapons are unveiled, so you better believe it, giant swords are now being swung around in the battles. Mark Wahlberg is back, this time joined by Anthony Hopkins. This final Michael Bay directed Transformers goes out with a bang. Nothing is held back and all the best action is unleashed. The special effects are awesome. The plot is compelling. It’s one of the better movies in the franchise. The Blu-ray is stacked with special features.

Special Features:

  • Merging Mythologies
  • Climbing the Ranks
  • The Royal Treatment: Transformers in the UK
  • Motors and Magic
  • Alien Landscape: Cybertron
  • One More Giant Effin’ Movie

Transformers: The Last Knight is out now on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD


Exclusive Clip For ‘Abundant Acreage Available’

Reel Talker is proud to share the exclusive clip for upcoming film Abundant Acreage Available. The film stars Amy Ryan and Terry Kinney and it’s executive producer is Martin Scorsese.


On a fifty-acre tobacco farm in North Carolina, Tracy (Amy Ryan) and Jesse (Terry Kinney) bury the remains of their recently deceased father in the middle of the field, in the land that he loved. One week later they find three older men camping in their field. Tracy and Jesse discover the men (Max Gail, Francis Guinan, Steve Coulter) are brothers whose family used to own the farm. They haven’t been back in 50 years. Abundant Acreage Available is about family, morality, ownership, grief, and letting go.

Written & Directed by: 
Angus MacLachlan (Academy Award nominated film Junebug)

Executive Produced by:
Martin Scorsese

Amy Ryan (Academy Award nominee for Gone Baby Gone, Birdman)
Terry Kinney (“Billions,” “Oz”) 
Steve Coulter (The Wizard of Lies, “House of Cards”)
Francis Guinan (Hannibal, Constantine)
Max Gail (42, “Barney Miller”)