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In 2022 AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling made a groundbreaking announcement that they would partner up to offer a PPV clash between the two pro wrestling entities. The PPV took place at Chicago’s United Center and it was unforgettable.

So now comes round two. Forbidden Door 2 is took place in Toronto this year and not only did it live up to the hype, it exceeded it. The card was stacked from top to bottom. Dream matches galore.

MJF vs Hiroshi Tanahashi was the opener. I was disappointed in the match. Tanahashi looked a step slow and old. MJF had to carry the match, it went longer than it should. MJF rightfully won.

CM Punk took on Satoshi Kojima. Many were hoping for Kenta instead, which would have been a cool GTS vs GTS matchup of guys with the same finisher. This match was too slow. Lacked excitement, but the action outside the ring was more interesting to observe. The crowd in Toronto was anti-Punk surprisingly. I think this is more of a one-off than something that’s going to stick.

‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry took on Sanada with Sanada’s championship on the line. Sanada retained, but the shocker came after the match when Jack Perry turned on Hook. A heel turn that will introduce us to new version of Jack Perry we haven’t seen yet.

The main event was the dream match between Bryan Danielson and Kazuchika Okada. The entrances were all that was needed to get this one going. Danielson came out to the final countdown song, while “The Rainmaker” was making it rain will all those Okada bills.

Credit: AEW

The match was technical as expected, but it wasn’t as fast paced as I was expecting it to be. It was a solid fight which Danielson ultimately won. You could tell Danielson was hurt, and come to find out after he blew out his shoulder and will be sidelined for a few months.

Kenny Omega versus Will Ospreay wasn’t the actual main event, but it damn well should have been. The history between these two was noted. Their previous battles were classics. What they put on this show was an all-time masterpiece. Surefire match of the year candidate and one of the best matches I’ve ever seen. Blood, sweat and sheer will. A masterclass in storytelling. A dozen or so near falls. Moves I’ve never seen. Ospreay is an absolute megastar. Can’t say enough about this match, besides, LET’S RUN IT BACK, AGAIN!

Credit: AEW

Forbidden Door 2 exceeded expectations. Very good card. Some matches didn’t live up to the hype, but the ones that did were classics. Forbidden Door is here to stay and it’s becoming one of the best and biggest AEW PPV’s of the year.


  • Toronto (one of the best wrestling cities out there that knows how to put on a show)
  • Fans (the fans were loud and super into it, and they got to see Omega v Ospreay live)
  • Kenny Omega & Will Ospreay (enough said)


  • Japanese greats (looks like father time has caught up to the likes of Tanahashi and Kojima)
  • Anything had to follow Omega v Ospreay (harsh world where Danielson v Okada is secondary and adding in the Danielson injury to it)


  • Omega vs Ospreay
  • Danielson and Okada entrances
  • MJF
  • The Elite

Grade: A-

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