Father’s Day Clever Gift Ideas


We hear the term “serendipity” come up and what’s your first thought? A happy or beneficial chance occurrence of events by chance? Well that’s one way to define it. Dr. Neil J. Farber explains it way more in depth in his book, Serendipity: Utilizing Everyday Unexpected Events to Improve Your Life and Career. It’s a really interesting read.

Dr. Farber breaks down how serendipity happens in our daily life and how unexpected events contribute to our everyday life and even career. I found the book to be thought-provoking and informative, additionally it’s a very interesting read.

The book made me personally take a look at daily things I take for granted, it’s relatable to everyone who reads it. He also discusses how we can recognize individually our own serendipity moments and make the most of them. It’s a positive and optimistic book.

Get it for dad, get it for mom, get it for a friend, heck, get it for anyone that needs some hope and positivity in their lives.

Serendipity describes how to understand the different types of serendipitous events and how they are common to all of us; how to recognize these events when they do occur; how to acquire the skills necessary to become more aware of serendipity; how to “connect the dots” to bring the serendipitous event to a fortuitous conclusion (that is, what skills, assistance and resources may be necessary; and what to do with the end product or idea if it is profitable, or as sometimes happens, when it is not.

Serendipity is available on Amazon.com and BN.com

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