‘Palmer’ Director Fisher Stevens On Recruiting Justin Timberlake for the Lead Role and His Alternate Ending of the Film

If you think the name Fisher Stevens sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve heard it before. Stevens had over 100 acting credits to his name is some prominent films and shows, including working on several Wes Anderson films. Stevens has also been making a name for himself as a director. His latest film is Palmer stars Justin Timberlake.

I spoke to Fisher about directing Palmer. He spoke about the recruitment of Justin Timberlake for the lead role. He discussed the casting of Ryder Allen to play Sam and how the pairing with Timberlake made the movie happen. Also, the real life experiences and people who influenced the story. Plus, was there an alternate ending to the movie? Find out all that and more. Watch and subscribe!


Fisher was super cool. Sharp. Appreciated how he delved into the questions and gave thoughtful answers and posed questions himself. He was great at answering all that I was trying to find out. I also found him to be opinionated and philosophical. It was great.

I really enjoyed Palmer. I thought it was a touching and compelling film with many messages and social commentary. I loved the chemistry between Timberlake and Ryder Allen. Their relationship felt so real and genuine. I thought this was one of Timberlake’s best and most vulnerable performances yet. He was fantastic. Allen was just as good.

So Timberlake wasn’t the first and only choice for the role. There were other actors attached, but it didn’t come to fruition, thankfully, he was perfect for it. Probably would have turned out to be a different movie.

I asked Fisher about the ending of the film. It surprised me that what I deemed as obvious, really wasn’t what Fisher was thinking. I found that to be very interesting.

Palmer is one of the best movies I’ve seen recently. I suggest checking it out on Apple TV+. Fantastic performances and story.

PALMER is available on Apple TV+ on January 29, 2021

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