Conversation with ‘Followed’ Director Antoine Le on His Indie Horror Becoming #1 Movie in America at the Box Office

If you haven’t heard yet about the recent number one movie in America at the Box Office, then here is your chance to get find out about it. Followed is an awesome found footage horror thriller directed by Antoine Le.

I had an opportunity to see the film a while back when it debut at the Burbank Film Festival. I had a chance to meet Antoine and connect with him. Recently I caught up with him again and we had a chance to look back and discuss the success of the movie and much more.


I can’t stress how proud I am of Antoine and his cast and crew. To see the movie be recognized and seen by a wide audience and the reception it has gotten has been phenomenal. Honestly this couldn’t have happened to a better person. Antoine is the real deal. Kind, genuine, humble and very talented.

I’m proud to be one of the first people to see the film, I believe I was the first critic and my review was the first one up a while back. To contribute a small part to the success of the movie is an honor. The film is so clever and chilling. It’s got fantastic performances from the actors, especially lead Matthew Solomon, Sam Valentine and Kelsey Griswold. I hope we get to see them all in mainstream movies.

I really believed that if this film had the right distribution then people would really like it. For it to become the number one movie in America is mind-blowing. So cool. Believe me, everything you saw from Antoine in the interview is genuine.

I’m also proud of the fact that Antoine decided to use my quotes from my review on the main movie poster and in the trailer for the film. Huge honor. Meant everything I said.

Sometimes lightning strikes at just the right time and fortunately it happened with Followed. Not only do I hope people see this film, but in the long-term that it provides opportunities to the cast and crew on bigger budget films, especially Antoine. Todd Klick the writer is someone to look out for also.

It’s hard to make real connections in this industry. I can honestly say I consider Antoine a friend. Which I’m lucky to say. I’m prideful about this film and yes I’m biased for all the right reasons. Please check out Followed and support the film and the talented people behind it. It’s a hidden gem that I promise you’ll enjoy.

For local listings where you can see ‘Followed’ and request it to be shown in your area visit the official Followed website

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