Movie Pick of the Day: ‘Buttons: A Christmas Tale’

You just can’t go wrong with a heartwarming Christmas tale as a movie pick of the day. Buttons is a story of two orphan girls who wish for a family and a home for Christmas. Guided by their guardian angels, played by screen legends Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury, the girls seem to have the best guardians anyone can ask for.

This is a very sweet and enjoyable movie that has a lot of Christmas spirit. What’s extra special is the fact that Kate Winslet and Robert Redford narrate the story. The film comes from creator and director Tim Janis, the who delivers this charming musical fairy tale adventure.

Lots of great legendary names plus a heartwarming Christmas story equals to a film that you should definitely check out with the kids and family this Holiday season.

BUTTONS: A CHRISTMAS TALE is out now on DVD and Digital

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