Movie Spotlight: Two Ways Home

Recently I came across this small indie movie that I recommend you checking out. Two Ways Home tells the story of a bipolar woman named Kathy (Tanna Frederick) that comes back to her Iowa hometown to fix her family situation. She comes to reunite with her estranged 12-year-old daughter and free her ailing grandfather from a nursing home, all while navigating through her own hardships with her bipolar disorder.

I found this movie to be meaningful on several fronts. There are some relatable real life issues that impact us in our everyday lives, such as broken family relationships, personal struggles and sickness to name a few. This movie is simply made. No fancy CGI or sets, it’s all about story and characters. I appreciated that.

Frederick delivers a raw and emotional performance. Her character doesn’t shy away from the personal struggles that she faces and tackles them head-on.

I’m glad there are movies being made like this that address real issues and especially ones like bipolar disorder.

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