‘Joker’ Final Trailer Reaction

One of the most anticipated movies of the Fall gave us another sneak peak at what to expect from it. Todd Phillips’ Joker delivers another intriguing trailer, just months before the October release. What is the takeaway and reaction from this trailer? Did we learn something new? Did we get any spoilers? Watch it for yourself and find out below:



“All I have are negative thoughts”. Quite the line that illustrates the turn that Joaquin Phoenix’s character Arthur Fleck takes towards becoming the Joker. The trailer focuses on Arthur being an unaware comedian that in his mind is becoming noticed by the public.

The trailer gives us the first look at Robert De Niro’s character as a TV host and looks to give Arthur an opportunity to introduce The Joker persona. Zazie Beetz looks like she’s playing Arthur’s love interest.

There are a few shots of Phoenix in the Joker look and attire. His manic and unstable side are depicted. Phoenix nails Joker’s crazed laugh.

I just love the musical orchestra that’s use in the trailer. It gave me chills. There wasn’t really muche evidence of an “action” scene. It seems like a fairly grounded psychological drama, which seems far removed from the usual superhero themed movies. I like this direction that Todd Phillips has taken.

It’s a haunting dramatic portrayal of a character whose incarnations we have witnessed in many forms over the years. I have not been this curious and excited for a movie all of this year, as I am for this one.


Fantastic trailer. Delivers more nuggets, but doesn’t reveal much yet. There is a lot of mystery still with this film and the storyline. I appreciate how neither trailer gave much away. This looks to be another epic performance from Phoenix. Lots to be excited about Joker.

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