‘1917’ Trailer Reaction

Skyfall director Sam Mendes goes back over a 100 years to 1917 and WWI in his upcoming war thriller. Two young soldiers have a monumental task in front of them. The task appears to be to cross enemy territory to deliver a message that can save thousands of soldiers lives. No pressure, right? The first trailer is out for 1917, which won’t release till late 2019, into early 2020. Here are my thoughts on what the trailer gave us.


The initial shot is fantastic. A soldier running with explosions going off behind him, as if he’s racing against them. The scene zooms out into a shot of the movie title “1917”. The following shot is an extended clip of the soldiers navigating through an underground tunnel. Building additional suspense.

The next dramatic clip is of the general telling his soldiers, “If you fail, it will be a massacre”. So there it is, all the stakes in the world are on the line. More bunker footage follows. Lots of mystery in this trailer.

Gives little away, but the clips we see are significant and underline the stakes the two male leads will have in the film. I liked how it gives you an idea of what the film will be about, but without revealing any major scenes.

‘1917’ Trailer Grade: B+

**Universal Pictures will release the film domestically in limited release on December 25, 2019 and wide on January 10, 2020.

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