Interview: Filmmaker Vladimir de Fontenay

Imogen Poots and Callum Turner star in Vladimir de Fontenay’s captivating drama, Mobile Homes. The film is centered on a young mother, her son and her boyfriend who are searching for a place to belong, until they discover a mobile home community. I spoke to Vladimir about the film and his inspiration for it.


First and foremost I appreciate Vlad braving the rain with the wet shoes and all to do the interview with me. I had to ask him about the short version of Mobile Homes and how it inspired the feature. It was interesting to hear how a mobile home on wheels literally passed by him and sparked the idea of the movie. It’s crazy how sometimes small insignificant things spur a brilliant idea.

I felt I had a good understanding of the movie and it was easy to get on the same page as Vladimir in regards to the story and message of the film. The exploration of a mobile community is a concept that can work on film and Vlad does a good job demonstrating it. I found the film to be fairly unique and the character relationships authentically complex.

MOBILE HOMES releases On Demand and Digital HD on January 22

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