Movie Review: This Isn’t a Movie About a Pig, Seriously!

Here piggy piggy. Well the latest Nic Cage movie does have a pig, it’s sort of based around it, but not really. You’ll see what I mean if you see the movie, I’m sparing you of a plot spoiler. Main thing, don’t expect much from a cute piggy, but expect lots of phenomenal Cage.

Pig isn’t what you think it might be. I allowed myself to be surprised, and I was. It looks and feels a certain way, but you might not even start figuring things out and piecing things together until midway in the film. That’s a good thing. Allow yourself to let the movie play out.

In the video below I review and breakdown what makes this film worth a watch.

  • Plot
  • Acting
  • Nic Cage’s Performance
  • Directing and Cinematography
  • Observations and Takeaways
  • Should You See it or Not
  • Spoilers

Cage’s character character Rob is pretty ambiguous, but it doesn’t take away from the performance he delivers. It’s one of the best acting Cage has done in 25 years. And if you have been following his career he spits out aa movie every other month it seems.

This isn’t Mandy, a film who has turned out to have a cult-like following, but it’s a vastly underrated one. Alex Wolff finds himself in an interesting and solid supporting role that somewhat oddly works alongside Cage.

Pig left me thinking. It’s deeper and more layered than I initially imagined. Some wonderful cinematography can’t be overlooked either. Ultimately it’s a quiet (literally) powerhouse performance from Cage. Just when you think he lost that magic that made him one of the all-time greats, he shows you he’s still got it.

Pig is a showcase of Cage’s talent, all while depicting a uniquely layered story, it’s an interesting watch.

GENRE: Drama, Thriller


RUNTIME: 1 hr 32 min

RELEASE DATE: ‘Pig’ out in Theaters July 16

  • Acting: 9/10
  • Entertainment: 6/10
  • Story/Plot: 6.5/10
  • Impression: 7/10
  • Creativity7.5/10

“PIG” Score: 72%

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