DC & Warner Bros. Announce DC FanDome Virtual Event

DC and Warner Bros. made big news by announcing a one-of-a-kind 24-hour global virtual experience for fans. This event will be FREE of charge, with no badges required. The past, present and future of DC franchises will come together for this unique event on Saturday, August 22, starting at 10 a.m. PDT

This will be the place for the latest news, exclusive footage from the DC multiverse of comics, television, movies and games. You will be able to see and hear from the biggest DC stars, filmmakers and creators.


This is an exciting event. It’s basically a virtual DC themed comic-con convention. As a DC fan this is something I’ve always wanted. It will be interesting to see how this will go virtually and maybe it will turn to a in-person event once the pandemic ends.

I love the fact that this will be a free event available to everyone. The following is what FanDome plans to offer:

Exploring the DC FanDome:

The epicenter of the DC FanDome is the Hall of Heroes, where you can experience special programming, panels and content reveals from a wide variety of films, TV series and games, available in several languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.  From there, navigate deeper into the DC Multiverse, exploring five additional satellite worlds, each with its own localized content and unique activities and one world fully devoted to our younger fans:

●        DC WatchVerse: Here’s where you grab a seat, sit back and join our virtual audience and become completely engrossed in hours of must-see content from around the world.  Everything from panels and exclusive screenings to never-before-seen footage, featuring cast, creators and behind-the-scenes crew from across DC Films, TV, Home Entertainment and Games.

●        DC YouVerse: Venture into this world where the FANS are the stars to see the most amazing user-generated content, cosplay and fan art from around the world, including, perhaps, your own.

●        DC KidsVerse: Need a way to entertain your kids for hours on end?  We’ve got you covered inside a special world, which can be accessed directly at DCKidsFanDome.com. This area features a broad range of family-friendly activations for our younger fans.

●        DC InsiderVerse: This creativity-based world contains a centerpiece video featuring legendary artist and DC CCO/Publisher Jim Lee, President of DC-Based Film Production Walter Hamada, and creator of the DC TV Arrowverse, Executive Producer Greg Berlanti, welcoming fans with a 101-style introduction to the DC Multiverse.  From there, go behind the scenes with the master artisans who bring DC to life in all its forms, from comic books to games, TV, movies, theme parks, consumer products and more.

●        DC FunVerse: Take your DC FanDome experience and gather cool shareables; check out our comic book reader; DIY cool WW84 Golden Armor and Batmobile kits; plus digital giveaways and a store filled with merchandise, including some limited-edition exclusives.

For more information on the event, check out the FanDome website


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