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Whoa! That’s my initial reaction after seeing The Invisible Man. Where do I start? This film is tension packed, lots of goosebump inducing scares, plus a fantastic performance by Elisabeth Moss. I heard the rumblings about this film, but it sure exceeded my expectations.

The plot is centered on a woman named Cecilia Kass (Moss) who flees her abusive and controlling relationship, only to find out that her ex she ran away from, commits suicide. Left with a hefty portion of his wealth, she now is faced with haunting series of events that she must uncover if they are real or a hoax, all while she’s being questioned with her own sanity.

There is a lot of floating elements here that make this such a gripping thriller. Is Kass losing her mind? Is she the only sane one? Is her ex really dead? Was she set-up? Many questions that are posed that unwind throughout the film and leaving you on-edge till the very end.

The Invisible Man is compelling, chilling and clever. Yes, the three c’s you want to hear when talking about a movie like this. Moss is exceptional, so that in itself is worth seeing this movie for. Writer and director Leigh and Jason Blum hit a home. What can you say? Blumhouse does it again!


  • MOSS MANIFESTED – Elisabeth Moss describes the physical and emotional challenges she faced while portraying Cecilia, a woman whose truth is constantly questioned by those around her.
  • DIRECTOR’S JOURNEY WITH LEIGH WHANNELL – Director Leigh Whannell acts as tour guide through principal photography, from day 1 to day 40.
  • THE PLAYERS – Filmmakers and cast provide an in-depth analysis of each character and how they interact with the unseen terror of THE INVISIBLE MAN.
  • TIMELESS TERROR – A behind the scenes look at how writer/director Leigh Whannell re-imagined this iconic character through the lens of modern technology and socially relatable themes.

‘THE INVISIBLE MAN’ is out now on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital

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