Movie To Lookout For: The Song of Names

The Song of Names is a moving emotional story of a man of two best friends separated by a mysterious disappearance and a lifelong search to find each other.

Martin Simmonds (Tim Roth) has spent 35 years searching for his best friend Dovidl Rapaport (Clive Owen) who was on a brink of establishing a prominent career as a violinist before he vanished with no sight. That’s the jist of the story.

The film has two stellar leads in Clive Owen and Tim Roth that deliver compelling performances. The movie navigates seamlessly through time and continents. The music is a backdrop to the havoc of war that ranges in the story.

I found this to be a drama that’s very deeply rooted in the human spirit of love and friendship, amid dire times of war. The film features a fantastic score from legendary composer, Howard Shore. It’s definitely worth a look.


  • Behind the Song of Names: Director François Girard and Producer Robert Lantos brought Norman Lebrecht’s acclaimed novel to life with the outstanding performances of Tim Roth and Clive Owen.
  • Howard Shore: Composing & Scoring: After two years of research, composer Howard Shore conducts and records the score for THE SONG OF NAMES in Montreal.
  • Howard Shore & Ray Chen: Composer Howard Shore chose virtuoso Ray Chen for the incredible violin playing heard in THE SONG OF NAMES.


  • Howard Shore: Composing & Scoring
  • Howard Shore & Ray Chen


THE SONG OF NAMES’ will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital on Tuesday, March 24th

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