Movie Pick of the Day: The Kitchen

I’ll start out by prefacing the fact that this is certainly not a movie for everyone. The Kitchen is a very violent movie. The powerhouse ensemble of Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish and Elizabeth Moss come together to form a tough group of gangster women.

This is a dark and no-nonsense kinda movie. It’s really interesting to see two of the top comedic actors out there in Haddish and McCarthy take on this dramatic roles. This is a slower paced movie, but fittingly so with the plot and subject matter.

Hell’s Kitchen was not a place you want to cause trouble in the late 70’s. The film illustrates the seedy, dark and corrupt side of NYC and the city, in this case, neighborhood, is a character on its own in the movie.

If you’re into dark, violent crime dramas, this is a movie for you.

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