Interview: Film Director Fabien Constant

In the age of female empowerment, we are getting treated to more films about strong independent females and a light shines brighter on them, now more than ever. In Here and Now, director Fabien Constant delivers a story of a modern New York City woman who navigates with real issues placed in her life. I spoke to Fabien about the film. The interview starts with Fabien answering the question about Sarah Jessica Parker playing the lead role of Vivienne and why she was the ideal choice for it


There is something about foreign directors that very artistic in the way they describe films. I had that experience speaking to Fabien. The passion in his voice and the clear understanding of the character and story was undeniable.

What immediately stood out was how he illustrated his vision for a female character with complexities that’s a real everyday woman at the core. Sarah Jessica Parker does a very nice job embracing the character of Vivienne and making her real and relatable woman. Even as a man, I can see the struggles that Vivi endures and the anchor that she is for everyone around her. Constant and writer Laura Eason understand the concept and message they try to convey in the film.

Fabien just seemed like a pleasant and intelligent individual. Strong French accent was endearing for sure.

‘HERE AND NOW’ releases on DVD on January 22

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