(Video) Red Carpet: ‘A Private War’ Film Premiere

Matthew Heineman’s engrossing feature film debut A Private War recently held its premiere in Los Angeles. The film details the the life of war reporter Marie Colvin and stars Rosamund Pike, Jamie Dornan, Tom Hollander and Stanley Tucci. I had a chance to attend the event and interview the talent and filmmaker on the red carpet.




So I had some issues on my end. I had some fantastic and insightful interviews with Rosamund Pike and Jamie Dornan, but technical issues got the best of me. The footage was damaged through the recorder and after numerous attempts, I wasn’t able to retrieve it. Major disappointment. Lesson learned.

Fortunately I was able to retrieve the interviews with Matthew (NOT Michael..geez) and Tom. Both men were pretty thoughtful with their answers. Thankfully Matt didn’t object to my name gaffe (it was a long day indeed for me) and was very cool about it and we shared a good laugh. I was surprised to hear that his mom’s journalism background. Good reporting and storytelling seems to run in the family. Bright guy and filmmaker.

Another surprise was finding out that Tom Hollander actually knew Marie Colvin. I can imagine that helped immensely on set, sharing his experiences about her. She was a lot of fun, as Tom said, which was illustrated well in the film.

The movie is one of the best ones of the year. I’m sure it will be an awards favorite. I highly recommend it.

A PRIVATE WAR is out now in LA/NY and releases wide on November 16

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