Reel Talker Podcast: Guests Filmmaker Michael A. McRae and Actor Steve Olson

I’ve been a huge fan of Fishbowl California. It’s one of the darling indie comedies of 2018. I knew immediately that this would be a special film when I was fortunate to screen in in the early fall of 2017. The time is here, the film will release tomorrow (May 1) on DVD and will be available on Amazon and iTunes.

I’ve been lucky to get to know the writer/director of Fishbowl, Michael A. MacRae, who is a fellow Chicagoan, and the star of the film, Steve Olson. The guys were gracious enough to join me for this podcast to talk about the humble beginnings of the film and how it came about and the final product that they created. We have a lot of fun in this podcast, so check it out.

FISHBOWL CALIFORNIA is out on DVD, iTunes and Amazon on May 1, 2018

Fishbowl California iTunes link

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