Netflix ‘Red Notice’ Exclusive Clip Debut

Tudum is here! What is Tudum? It’s the first-ever Netflix mega global fan event. Think DC FanDome. Tons of Netflix exclusives were unveiled at this major online event. The biggest one of them might have been the 3-plus minute clip of the highly anticipated Netflix Original Film, Red Notice.

Red Notice boasts a superstar trio of Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. Basically it’s Wonder Woman meets Deadpool meets Black Adam. Now that’s a major superhero encounter.

So how was the clip? What did we see? Check it out for yourself and see my take on it below.


This was a pretty badass clip. Luckily it didn’t reveal any spoilers or story plot points. Looks like Gal might be the villain here, but I’m taking that with a grain of salt. What we do notice is comedy from Reynolds and a major beatdown courtesy of Gadot.

I thought the fight scene was pretty cool. Gatot Wonder Woman’d Deadpool aka Reynolds. I sense that the clip that we get to see takes place early on in the film. I liked what I saw and can’t wait for this film. Hopefully it can set up a franchise.

RED NOTICE comes to Netflix on November 12th

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