Trailer Debut: Megan Fox Goes Full Throttle in ‘Rogue’

Megan Fox ain’t playing around. At least judging by the trailer for her upcoming film Rogue. Fox plays a leader of a mercenary team that’s tasked with rescuing hostages in the African desert. Check it out for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.


This was one explosive trailer. No pun intended. Fox kicks some serious ass in the trailer clips. She’s starred in action flicks such as Transformers, but never the type of a badass that she appears to be playing in this film. It makes me wonder if she was presented with opportunities like these in the past, especially in superhero films.

We can expect a lot of action and blow em’ up scenes. Not sure what the purpose of that tiger was, but surely she’s battling an actual enemy not a tiger. I’m also looking forward to seeing Philip Winchester in the film, even though the trailer briefly shows him. I’m intrigued enough to see the movie when it comes out. Let’s hope it surprises in a good way.

‘ROGUE’ releases On Demand and Digital – August 28, 2020 & On Blu-ray and DVD – September 1, 2020

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