Michael Keaton Rumored to Return as Batman?! What Could It All Mean..

The legend of Michael Keaton as Batman MIGHT be making a return to the big screen. According to multiple reports, including this one in Deadline, Keaton is in talks to reprise the Bruce Wayne/Batman character and be introduced in the upcoming The Flash movie. Here are some details from Deadline:

“Keaton would play Batman in a Nick Fury-like role starting with Warner Bros. The Flash starring Ezra Miller, and could continue to play the Dark Knight in other upcoming DC movies like Batgirl. Reportedly, the Keaton Batman won’t impact the mythology being hammered out by Matt Reeves’ reboot The Batman starring Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader, and it will pick up his story line after Batman Returns.”

Sorting this bit information, we get some clarity on some big questions.


Over the years the Batman character has been part of multiple DC Universes. We have the original, Tim Burton universe (Keaton’s introduction as Batman). The Joel Schumacher (R.I.P Joel) Batman’s (Val Kilmer, George Clooney). Christopher Nolan brought back Batman in his trilogy that starred Christian Bale. The most recent Batman, was Zack Snyder’s Batman universe starring Ben Affleck. Matt Reeves Batman will be the next one, which stars Robert Pattinson.

That’s a lot of Bat. Where does Keaton’s Batman fall into all this? Well, according to the reports he will not be connected to the upcoming Reeves/Pattinson Batman franchise. Keaton appears to be slated to be part of the extending Snyder universe, the one with Ezra Miller playing The Flash. In sense, he’s kinda replacing Affleck, but also kinda not. It’s just a different time travel sequence that will allow him to be introduced.


The main news is that Keaton might be returning as Batman/Bruce Wayne. That’s what will grab the headlines. The article notes some key elements on the usage of him in this universe.

Could play the Dark Knight in upcoming DC movies like Batgirl

That’s a pretty significant mention. The news of a Batgirl movie and Keaton being possibly attached to it can be a major win for DC and the fans. Imagine the potential of that? A new DC movie character that’s centered with a female lead as the superhero with Keaton’s Batman as a mentor. That’s a tantalizing idea.

Keaton would play Batman in a Nick Fury-like role:

Tons of possibilities with this one. For those of you that been keeping tabs on the Marvel Universe, Fury is connected to everyone. He appears in most Marvel movies. To have Keaton’s Batman playing this leadership role in the DC Universe, it could open a ton of possibilities for future DC films and in connecting them together.

Batman (1989) Directed by Tim Burton Shown: Michael Keaton (as Batman)


First thing that comes to mind is the potential of a Batman Beyond movie. Fans have been asking for it for years. Having Keaton on-board could be a huge step to making it happen. The premise of Beyond is that an old Bruce Wayne mentors a young guy named Terry McGinnis, who becomes a new futuristic Batman in a futuristic world. Please make this happen!

If they plan on introducing Keaton into this new universe and using the events post-Batman Returns as a starting point, that be the way to go. Then you open up the possibility of a world with Danny DeVito’s Penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman. Now that be something.

One thing that the Batman franchises have surprisingly been missing is a presence of a Robin (excluding the forgettable Schumacher movies). Burton didn’t introduce one. Nolan’s trilogy didn’t have one. Snyder hasn’t attempted to bring one around, aside from teasing an existence of a Robin in Batman v Superman.

No Dick Grayson (including Nightwing), Timmy Drake or Jason Todd. Point is, we haven’t had a Robin of any kind and it’s past due we get one. Having Keaton on-board can certainly aide in introducing us to a Robin, or at the very least, a Nightwing.


Make it happen. Keaton has widely been praised over the years for his Batman depiction. He’s one of the all-time most beloved Batman’s. Bringing him back will bring up all sort of feel good nostalgia. Plus, Keaton as an actor has gained a lot of respect and accolades in the last decade. Having him be part of the DC Universe just lends further credibility to DC in their competition with Marvel.

This is huge news and can only be a positive for DC and any DC fan. It’s not a done deal yet, things can certainly go south, as any negotiation, but it’s looking promising with the news being reported all over. It’s ironic that the news of this comes as we learn about the death of Schumacher, the man that continued the Batman legacy after Keaton. Probably just a coincidence, but still ironic.

A few months ago there were serious doubts Ezra Miller would be back as Flash after this disturbing footage was released, in which apparently has Miller putting his hands on woman’s throat and bringing her down to the ground.


Will Miller continue as The Flash? No announcement on his status has been made yet. So whether Keaton joins Miller or a newly cast Flash, he will add star power, nostalgia and endless possibilities. Welcome back Michael Keaton…hopefully!

What do you think of these rumored news? Do you want Keaton to return as Batman? Is it a bad idea? Share your thoughts and comments with Reel Talker.

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