Interview: Actress Judith Godreche

The first time I remember noticing Judith Godreche was in a movie called Stoker. Then she appeared in The Overnight, and yet again she stood out. She’s had a long successful career in France and even appeared in The Man In The Iron Mask. Needless to say, she’s a very talented, beautiful and successful actress. Currently she stars in the charming romantic comedy Under The Eiffel Tower. I had a great opportunity to speak to Judith about the film.


I speak to many actors, directors and writers and have had many memorable interviews with them. Judith is one of my all-time favorites. From the first few words spoken we had a great vibe. I found her to be very engaging and charming. Similar to what her character appeared to be in this film.

The ease and comfort she projected made things very easy on me and free to engage with her. Her honesty was very endearing, especially once she began speaking about her experience on the film and being a first time producer.

Imagine having to make phone calls to everyone and anyone you know or came across and pitch a film to them in hopes they invest. That’s not easy work. On top of that she’s the lead in the film. Oh, and she also was part of the writing team. Quite the all-around feat.

There were multiple stories and plots developing just from her sharing her experience. I mean how crazy was it that it all started with a trip to an escape room where she connected with Matt Walsh (who is the other lead in the film). This is an inception of a film that has a story of its own.

We shared similar views on the message and meaning of the movie, it being a movie about coming-of-age for adults. The characters are adults who aren’t the typical 20 or 30 somethings that these stories are usually told about. I appreciated that. The search for love happens in all stages of life, and it should be depicted with more variety in films.

We had so much fun talking that she agreed to do a podcast with me (coming soon). If you enjoyed this portion of the interview, you’ll really like the longer podcast conversation I had with Judith. Stay tuned for that.

Judith was truly wonderful. I can say that with certainty after meeting her. She’s honest and raw. Fantastic experience.

As far as the movie goes, definitely check it out. For all the obstacles that Judith spoke of in the making of it, the final result is great. It’s a funny and genuine romantic comedy, with relatable flawed characters. Good work from the actors. Picturesque sights of Paris and the French countryside. What’s not to like? I definitely enjoyed it.

UNDER THE EIFFEL TOWER is out now in Theaters, Digital and On Demand

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